According to recent research*, private wealth represents 70% of the world’s capital of which almost half is held by the wealthy. Learn how to reach them while enlarging your network with your peers and potential partners.


If you are working with family offices or high net worth individuals, this is the event for you. Learn from the leaders in your field how they market and what are the trends they identify in the markets, learn from your potential clients – family offices and high net worth individuals – what they think and how they feel they should be reached; Meet your peers you may end up collaborating with as well as network with peers of parallel synergetic sectors – Finance, Luxury and Technology. We encourage the sectors to collaborate and enlarge their potential client base.


What better way to learn the dos and don’ts of working with family offices and private wealth than learning straight from your potential clients? High Net worth Family members and single family offices will advise how to best approach and more importantly – how not to.


The Conference, the first of its kind, focuses on marketing to family offices and marketing to high net worth individuals and is divided to four parts:


Part 1 – Finance – Dedicated to senior marketing and other management level positions at private and investment banks, funds, legal and accounting firms and those who offer their services and/or products to the family office space.


Part 2 – Luxury – We also believe it would be of benefit for luxury marketers to be provided with deep insights into the family office space, as they too have key decision making powers, so the second part  is dedicated to luxury marketers who need to better understand how the high net worth community thinks and what they expect. Hear directly from both the families themselves and from some of the most prominent banks, luxury firms and experts, as they discuss how to sell and effectively market to this high demanding, high expectation, but highly rewarding select group of individuals.


Part 3 – Philanthropy – Finally, part 3 will cover philanthropy from the point of view of the high net worth family and/or family office and their decision making strategies. How can they best be reached? How do you make sure your cause is seriously considered when decision making time comes? How to gain the attention of new families and corporates?


Part 4 – Technology – the amount of capital flowing to the US has doubled in 2016 and the one of the main investment sectors is technology. We see more and more companies that simply do not know how to approach the private individuals. Their elevator pitch is wrong and geared usually for more professional investors with technical terminology that does not stress points that for high net worth mean much – like impact investing and social values. We hope to help more technology companies bridge that gap.


*According to the latest research from Credit Suisse, 0.7% of the world’s population, which has over 1 Million USD and up in liquid assets, hold 45.2% of the world’s wealth.


Facts and Figures


Wealth for the richest global families worth more than $100 million is projected to cross the $18 trillion mark by 2019 from today $10 trillion, or roughly 6% of global wealth


The total number of millionaire households around the world reached a record 17.4 million in 2014, up 13.7% from 15.3 million the year before. (Boston Consulting Group)


Household wealth will grow at a compound annual rate of about 12 percent in the next five years. This top segment is expected to be the fastest growing, in both the number of households and total wealth (Boston Consulting Group)


Family offices account for an estimated 8% of the world’s $4 Trillion in private equity assets under management. As the ranks of the ultra rich increase, this figure looks set to keep growing. (Palico)


Direct Investing – Cutting the Middleman – European family offices nearly doubled their direct investments in companies between 2008 and 2014 to 9% of total portfolios. That may not seem like a lot, but with average assets under management of $890 million, each European family office has around $80 million to play with for direct investments (UBS)

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